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Who we are and What we do ..?

Analytics 24x7 is a leading, trusted and reliable partner, acting with integrity and expertise to deliver a dynamic, clear and accessible end-to-end solution. We are a dynamic world leader in risk assessment and planning, offering comprehensive support with our end-to-end risk alert system and 24 hr watch team of risk experts.

We specialise in analysing threats from and interaction between risk assessment, competitive analysis, security and risk management . Our team is dedicated, resourceful and hard working and draws from international experience from diverse backgrounds.

Helping you choose the right option, well in time

help clients to make better informed decisions when entering new markets, expanding operations and evaluating investments while providing insights and tools for effective crisis management.

What makes our work innovative is that we analyze political conflicts and their escalatory dynamics through the prism of a coherent, data-driven and research-based methodological approach.

This helps us to measure and visualize development of political risks over time and affected areas and hence make reliable predictions towards spillover and future dynamics.

Our assessments and classifications help clients to calculate the specific risks current conflicts pose to their interests in on-site production, logistics and investments.

With our partners, we supply ready-to-use spatial data which allows customers to integrate our insights into their target systems.


Email : info@analytics24x7.net